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Light your garden right with ballasts and reflectors from our Xtrasun collection. Xtrasun magnetic ballasts feature a unique patented aluminum housing, convection cooling, and exclusive lock & seal detachable in-line plug system—all of which contribute to reliable service at value prices. You’ll benefit from the ballast’s exclusive cooling ports, multi-mount handle, aluminum fins, and rubber mount feet that keep your system grounded and efficient. Xtrasun ballasts are available to power both sodium and halide bulbs (400W, 600W, or 1000W for sodium or 400W and 1000W for halide*), and offer dual 120V/ 240V input. Give yourself the utmost flexibility with the Xtrasun Convertible, offering one-click flexibility to drive either sodium or halide bulbs. (*600W conversion metal halide lamps that can be operated with Xtrasun 600W HPS ballasts are available from Hortilux and other manufacturers.

The natural partner for Xtrasun ballasts are Xtrasun reflectors. This line provides excellent light delivery at a value price, offering something for everyone and every garden. Choose from our air-cooled 6" or 8" units with sealed and latched lens system, our efficient and lightweight wing reflectors, and our line of parabolic reflectors. For those looking for an exceptionally broad light spread, the Mondo 6" reflector won’t disappoint.

Xtrasun reflectors are compatible with both sodium (400W, 430W, 600W, 1000W) and halide (400W, 1000W) lamps, and deliver the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth. Constructed from highly reflective European specular aluminum, the air-coolable Xtrasun AC reflectors are CSA-certified. You’ll find the low-profile design easy to use when changing out bulbs. Customize your setup with optional flanges, lens system, and lamp and cord set. All reflectors include hanging hardware and instructions. Whatever your lighting needs, Xtrasun has you covered.


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