Terms & Conditions

Please contact your Territory Manager with questions about our Terms and Conditions.

New Accounts - Must fill out a credit application and agree to allow us to check vendor references, personal credit and business credit.  Sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, S corporations, non-public C corporations must sign our personal guarantee.

Payment and Credit Terms - Hydrofarm accepts checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. We also accept ACH and wire transfers. As a condition of the extension of credit, Customer must have low risk credit scores along with good payment history. For customers with established Hydrofarm credit, we offer 1.5% 10 net 30 and 2% ACH.

Online Payments - Online payments can be made via credit card.

NSF -  Hydrofarm reserves the right to charge $40 fee for all returned checks and ACH payments. This will also result in a terms change and the loss of any “early payment discount.”

Past Due Accounts - If the Customer fails to comply with the established credit terms, Hydrofarm reserves the right to defer shipments until the account is current.

Finance Charges - Hydrofarm reserves the right to charge 1.5% finance charge for past due invoices.

Term Changes - Hydrofarm reserves the right at any time to immediately change the terms on any credit extended.

Collections - If the Customer fails to make payment, Hydrofarm reserves the right to pursue collection action (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and any other associated costs of collection) and/or may cancel all or any part of an unshipped order.

International Accounts – Payment in advance.

UCC Filing - Credit limit requests in excess of $50,000 may require a signed UCC filing for the value of the delivered inventory.


The best shipment method and carrier selection will be determined by Hydrofarm. Most orders are shipped via common carrier. Orders requiring freight and/or handling charges will be prepaid by Hydrofarm and added to invoices.

Freight Incentive:

All wholesale orders over $2,500, including one full pallet of Soil and/or Grow Media, will be prepaid by Hydrofarm within the lower 48 states. Additional pallets of Soil and/or Grow Media will incur a $75 freight charge per pallet. Hydrofarm will determine the freight carrier to be used for free freight orders, and $75 pallets of Soil and/or Grow Media. Should a store elect a different freight carrier, any freight cost difference will be added to the store’s invoice. Accounts must be current and in good standing to qualify for freight incentive.


The freight incentive above does not apply to UPS shipments and is exclusive of most growing media (soils, soilless mix, coco mix, and rock).

Regular freight charges will apply to full pallets of soils, soilless mix, coco mix, and rock.

Less than full pallet quantities of soils, soilless mix, coco mix, and rock will be charged an additional freight charge, per bag, regardless of bag size or weight.


Damages & Shortages:

All freight damages and shortages must be noted on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. You should write the description and damaged quantity, if known. If you are unable to inspect the shipment completely, please sign the delivery receipt subject to count and inspection (STC&I). Please ensure the driver has signed the delivery receipt after you have noted any damages/shortages with your shipment. Hydrofarm and the freight carrier are not responsible for the damages/shortages not clearly noted on the Delivery Receipt (DR). Please email/fax Hydrofarm a copy of the bill of lading with the notes within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If there is damage to your shipment, you must take photos and email to your Hydrofarm Returns Department.


Drop-Ship orders:

There is a $5 drop-ship fee per order. Other charges may apply. Please contact customer service for more information. Hydrofarm is not responsible for damaged or lost drop-shipments. All lost/damaged claims related to drop-shipments must be handled directly with the freight carrier. Any special packaging situations may also be subject to additional charges.


Special Orders:

Hydrofarm will gladly special order items from its vendors. (Please note that special orders can’t be canceled.)


Hazardous Materials:

Hydrofarm will apply a $15 hazardous material fee to products falling within that category.


Broken Cases:

Hydrofarm will break cases for you on some items for a small surcharge that offsets the cost of the extra boxing, packing material, and labor. This flexibility to order partial cases means you will be able to expand your drop-ship fulfillment options, more precisely control inventory levels in your store and save on valuable warehouse space. You will also be able to reduce your investment in inventory.

Surcharge rates are:

  • For items with a wholesale cost between $2.00 and $10.00: 20% above case wholesale
  • For items with a wholesale cost between $10.01 and $75.00: 10% above case wholesale
  • For items with a wholesale cost of more than $75.00: 5% above case wholesale

These surcharges appear (to logged-in users) as an additional item price level on our website, hydrofarm.com. Our website’s shopping cart alerts you when you are ordering items in less than case quantity— the background of the “Quantity” field turns red.

NOTE: We do not break cases for Special Order Products, products with a wholesale value of less than $2, or HAZMAT items.


Hydrofarm Will Call Policy:

Will Call orders placed via hydrofarm.com can be ready in as little as one hour *. Place your order online, click the “Will Call” radio button at check out, and we’ll have it ready when you get here. If you have a specific time you would like to pick up, let us know by using the comments box in the “Optional Information” section of the checkout form to tell us the date & time. We’ll take care of the rest.

Will call hours are 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and are available at your local distribution center warehouse only.

Please allow enough time for your order to be processed and confirmed. Orders to be picked up at 9am must be submitted by 4pm the previous day. Orders for same day pickup must be submitted by 3pm.

For your security and ours, we only allow store owners or employees to pick up orders (ID may be required). End users will be turned away, no exceptions.

Delays in processing may occur if your account status is not current. Please contact the accounts receivable department or your customer service specialist with any questions regarding the status of your account.

Please keep in mind that changes to orders while on site at Hydrofarm are possible, but may cause delays in order processing. We request that you communicate all necessary adjustments to your customer service specialist prior to arriving at the distribution center warehouse.

The customer is responsible for confirming order quantities at time of pick up. A signature on the pack slip will be required.

Customers planning to return any product must obtain an authorized RMA number prior to arriving at the distribution center warehouse. This will ensure speedy and proper credit to your account. Please contact your returns authorization representative for assistance.

For your safety, customers are not allowed beyond the designated waiting area unless accompanied by a Hydrofarm employee.

Bring any strapping or tie downs required to secure your product, as the distribution center warehouse does not distribute this material.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 800.634.9990, option 2 for wholesale.

* Large orders may take longer to process. Please contact your customer service specialist if you have any questions regarding the time required to process your order.