Welcome to Phantom

A Hydrofarm exclusive brand
Offering the latest lighting and LED tech in horticulture.

Celebrating 15 years of excellence in lighting, Phantom lighting systems represent the very best available in indoor horticultural lighting equipment. Used by hobby and commercial growers around the world, Phantom stands behind a successful track-record of reliability. Phantom lighting is designed to be a growers’ work horse with ballasts and reflectors that are built to last. No question, our 15 years of performance means we are doing something right!

Phantom DE Systems

Still a tried-and-true grower favorite. Commercial-grade with a 3 year warranty, these versatile fixtures uniformly deliver optimum PPFD value over a broad footprint.


Phantom PHENO 440 LED

Phantom’s newest addition to the lineup. A low profile, compact LED high on efficiency, performance, and photon flux. Suitable for both flowering and vegetative stages, the Multi Phase (MP) spectrum provides ideal red to blue ratio for vigorous growth and to maximize flower development. Amazing output, amazing value.


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