STM Canna Pre-Roll Machines

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Product Details

STM Canna, Pre-Roll Automation

Founded in 2017, STM Canna is a forward-thinking tech company revolutionizing the cannabis pre-roll automation industry. They've helped over one thousand cannabis cultivators, harvesters, and commercial cannabis processing facilities optimize and scale their pre-roll production capabilities.

STM Canna prides itself on offering sophisticated solutions. Their One-Tray Workflow system is at the forefront of innovation, allowing operators to move seamlessly from fill to weigh to close.

Their patented machines maximize efficiency and output to produce award-winning pre-rolls. Everything from grind to close!

Product lineup includes:

  • Renowned RocketBox 2.0 (patented)
  • Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ Pre-Roll Machine (patented)
  • Revolution (patented) and Mini-Revolution industrial cannabis grinders
  • LaunchPad Weighing Scale
  • Efficiency-enhancing Atomic Closer (patented)
  • Labor-saving Cone Lander tray loader (patented)
  • Astro Infuser (coming soon!)

Each machine is designed to deliver exceptional performance alone or seamlessly integrate into a powerful one-tray pre-roll automation workflow.

Customers who invest in STM Canna invest in the future of their bottom line as STM Canna pushes the boundaries of what's possible to design and manufacture innovative new machines that help operators take their businesses to the next level.

Join them on this exciting journey as they continue to shape the future of cannabis production with their innovative solutions.

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