Roots Organics Super Phos Rock, 55 lbs

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NPK  /  0 - 12 - 0

Phosphate Rock

Roots Organics Super Phos Rock is incredibly high in phosphorus and calcium and is extracted from select caves with bat friendly methods, so you and your garden get performance with principles. A premium grade of potent and powerful high phosphorus rock consciously extracted to not disturb the bat colonies. Roots Organics Super Phos Rock is fast acting and so powerful it should be used carefully and sparingly. Our most concentrated natural phosphorus source, Roots Organics Super Phos Rock packs 24% available calcium. This one-two punch of phosphorus and calcium simultaneously maximizes heft while improving yields like a targeted flower hardener. A great example of why phos rock can’t be beat!


Attribute name Attribute value
Barcodes 799493712308 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 23.0L x 14.0W x 4.0H (EA)
48.0L x 40.0W x 68.0H (PL)
Alternate Keywords Aurora, Phos, Booster, CDFA, Organic
NPK Phosphorus (P) 12
Shipping Weight 55.2 lbs.