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Refurbished - 1000W HPS Commercial Magnetic Ballast 120/L5-15P Plug with 8 ft power cord, 120V

The product is no longer available.

Product Details

The PARsource Commercial Magnetic Ballast is the premium magnetic ballast in the PARsource line.

Each ballast is encased in an all-aluminum housing and is powered by only the best UL/CSA-recognized electrical components. Each ballast also comes with an 8-foot power cord with plug.

The patented design allows for maximum ventilation and cooling, allowing the capacitor to run cooler than other magnetic ballasts on the market. Cool-running capacitors are the key to long ballast life and continued high light output. The unit is designed to run as an attached or remote unit, providing flexibility to the grower.


  • Available as a remote or attached system
  • All-aluminum enclosure with superior cooling design for long-lasting performance
  • Available voltages: 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, 480 volts
  • Patented Lock & Seal Plug System



Attribute name Attribute value
CSA_Registration 245794
Dimensions 22.5L x 10.7W x 10.9H (EA)
Discontinued 1
Shipping Weight 30.7 lbs.

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