Pro Cal Premium Nursery Pot with Tag Slot, 2 gal

SRP $1.99

Product Details

NEW 2-Gallon Pot with Tag Slots

These are the most durable injection-molded pots in the market! It's thick walls create an incredibly durable form making it the ideal planting container for long-term useage. This premium pot features a grip lip for comfortable carrying and new tag slot for easy plant identification.

Proudly made in the USA!

  • Tag slots included
  • UV resistant
  • BPA free
NOTE: 2 gallons of loose soil will fit in this pot when compacted. Actual liquid volume is 1.44 gallons.


Attribute name Attribute value
Weight (Unboxed) 0.41
Width (Unboxed) 8.5
Length (Unboxed) 8.5
Height (Unboxed) 8.5
Barcodes PNRT0T2G 2 G18B 034 (SFC)
Dimensions 8.5L x 8.5W x 8.5H (EA)
48.0L x 52.0W x 96.0H (PL)
Shipping Weight 0.41 lbs.