Primordial Solutions True Blooms, 5 gal

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Primordial Solutions True Blooms

Abundant flower sites are the foundation of bountiful harvests. True Blooms supports the transition into flowering and accelerates flower growth. Yield more ahead of schedule!

  • Natural kelp concentrate promotes flower development.
  • Reduce transition time from flower development to actual flowering due to increased nutrients for bloom phase.
  • Maximize genetic potential at an accelerated rate.
  • Natural food-grade foliar spray can be used until one week before harvest.

True Blooms is a kelp concentrate but processed via Primordial Solutions’ proprietary microbial means to concentrate natural flower promoting nutrients. True Blooms is filled with high quality nutrients that will help you take your flowering game to the next level.


Attribute name Attribute value
NPK Nitrogen (N) 1
NPK Potassium (K) 1
Dimensions 13.0L x 13.0W x 15.0H (EA)
Barcodes 682318799397 (UPC-A)
Shipping Weight 49 lbs.