Plant Growth Technologies Root Riser, 6 x 6

Hydrofarm Brand: Plant Growth Technologies
Suggested Retail: (per EA) $3.49

Product Details

The Root Riser is an aerobic root spacing product for better drainage in hydroponic tray systems. This square plastic spacing element attaches to the bottom of rockwool blocks and other hydroponic grow blocks. Root Risers elevate grow blocks slightly above the tray surface and allow for optimized drainage and robust root growth throughout the plant’s maturity. The Root Riser can accommodate most sizes of rockwool blocks and other popular growing substrates. The Root Riser is manufactured in California from recycled plastic and is easy to clean (dishwasher safe) which drastically reduces your turnaround time.

• Improves drainage
• Speeds dry-down times
• Encourages root growth

Get lifted with Root Risers!

Perfect for 6 inch rockwool blocks!


Attribute name Attribute value
Barcodes 860001374803 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 6.0L x 6.0W x 1.0H (EA)
12.0L x 12.0W x 18.0H (CS)
48.0L x 40.0W x 54.0H (PL)
Bulb(s) Included No
CE_Registration No
FCC_Registration No
ROHS_Registration No
Weight (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Width (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Length (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Height (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Shipping Weight 0.05 lbs.