Marrone Bio Regalia CG® Biofungicide, 55 gal drum

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Marrone Bio Regalia® CG Biofungicide

Regalia® CG Biofungicide delivers better yield, improved harvest quality and top profit. Regalia’s ISR & SAR modes of action (FRAC P5) increase crop performance by stimulating the plant’s innate ability to fight diseases. The biofungicide offers preventative activity and early control of yield-robbing diseases such as powdery mildew, Alternaria, bacterial spot & speck & Botrytis. Apply weekly for effective control and plant health benefits.

Active Ingredient: Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis


Attribute name Attribute value
Dimensions 23.5L x 23.5W x 35.0H (EA)
42.0L x 48.0W x 45.0H (PL)
EPA_Registration YES
Shipping Weight 22 lbs.