Mad Farmer Get Down, 6 gal

Hydrofarm Brand: Mad Farmer
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Mad Farmer’s Get Down is specifically designed to lower pH levels in liquid nutrient solutions. It is compatible with all brands of nutrients, organic and/or synthetics.  Mad Farmer’s Get Down contains only the finest ingredients. No Dyes are added to mask the quality and clarity of the product. Unlike most pH downs, Get Down is derived from three stable ingredients. This unique formulation not only effectively and safely achieves proper pH levels, but also helps to prevent drastic fluctuation of pH levels. The multiple different pH buffers in Get Down optimize its strength and stability. Get Down is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ingredients Explained:
phosphoric acid
citric acid
ammonium sulfate

Directions For Use:
Add small amounts of Get Down at a time.
Check pH levels until desired pH levels are reached.
Amount needed to make proper adjustments will vary.


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48.0L x 40.0W x 37.0H (PL)
Barcodes 700358475641 (UPC-A)
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