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JETFAN Mixed-Flow Digital Fan, 10", 1065 CFM


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Prepare to be blown away by the new Jetfans! These powerful mixed-flow digital fans are 32-bit microprocessor-controlled and offer outstanding performance and value. Available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" models, Jetfans are the ideal solution for your ventilation needs. Because the motors in these fans are EC—electronically controlled—they offer very high efficiency, reliability, and controllability. They include a highly precise speed control unit that can be detached from the fan and power cord if desired. 
  • Low power consumption—Jetfans operate at a mere 25% of the power of comparable inline fans
  • Their EC motors are highly efficient, reliable, and responsive to speed control 
  • ETL-certified


Shipping Weight 10.58 lbs.
Package Dimensions 13.39L x 13.39W x 11.02H
Diameter: 10"
Frequency: 60
Motor Type: EC
Rated Amperage: 1.76 A
Rated Wattage: 150 W
RPM: 3200
Weight (Unboxed): 8.25
Width (Unboxed): 11.80
Length (Unboxed): 8.30
Height (Unboxed): 10.80
Voltage: 110 V
Wire Gauge (AWG): SJT/18AWG
638104022903 (UPC-A)
10638104022900 (GTIN)