House & Garden Commercial CalMag, 25 lbs Pail

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House & Garden Commercial CalMag

House & Garden Commercial CalMag is a readily available calcium/magnesium fertilizer designed to encourage rapid growth and reduce problems associated with calcium and magnesium deficiencies.  Commercial CalMag is designed to be used with House & Garden Commercial grow throughout the vegetative phase, and it should be used with House & Garden Commercial Bloom during the flowering phase.  Recipe charts are available online at

House & Garden Commercial CalMag can also be used as a supplement with other nutrient regimens and is highly recommended for use with reverse osmosis water and when growing plants in coco coir.

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Attribute name Attribute value
NPK Nitrogen (N) 12
Dimensions 9.5L x 9.5W x 15.0H (EA)
48.0L x 44.0W x 60.0H (PL)
Barcodes 638104123464 (UPC-A)
Shipping Weight 25 lbs.