GROW!T Commercial Coco Bale, 90/10 Mix (1 Pallet of 216 Bales)

SRP $12.51

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GROW!T 90/10 premium comercial buffered coco coir with low EC (0.4).  These bales are unwrapped with no packaging or labels, shipped loose on pallet.  Each block expands to approximately 2.5 cubic feet when soaked in water, and blocks expand very quickly.  Wait time is only a few minutes after soaking.  With no packaging on these blocks, we are able to eliminate waste and keep prices low!

90% Coir, 10% Pith


Attribute name Attribute value
Dimensions 39.0L x 23.0W x 6.0H (EA)
Shipping Weight 12.7 lbs.

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