GreenBroz Rise Conveyor Mover

SKU: GBZ42000
SRP $18,499.00
3 years

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GreenBroz Rise Conveyor Mover

The Rise Conveyor is a continuous feeder that can dramatically increase your processing times. With the ability to move up to five pounds of dried flower a minute, the Rise can give your organization a serious speed boost while simultaneously removing potentially harmful human touchpoints and taking the guesswork out of machine feeding. The Rise Conveyor is compatible with both GreenBroz and Non-GreeenBroz equipment.


Attribute name Attribute value
Frequency 60
Max. Decibels 85
Motor Type AC Induction
Rated Amperage 3
Rated Wattage 360
RPM 30
UL_Registration E501753
Weight (Unboxed) 200
Width (Unboxed) 34
Length (Unboxed) 82
Height (Unboxed) 66
Voltage 120
Wire Gauge (AWG) 16
Dimensions 34.0L x 86.0W x 72.0H (EA)
Shipping Weight 467 lbs.