GreenBroz Precision Sorter with Table

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3 years

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GreenBroz Precision Sorter with Table

The Precision Sorter is a revolution in size sorting for your cannabis harvest. Simple to use and gentle on your flower. The Precision Sorter will drastically speed up your sorting process while preserving the quality of your flower.


Attribute name Attribute value
CE_Registration Yes
Frequency 60
Max. Decibels 85
Motor Type AC Induction
Rated Amperage 6
Rated Wattage 720
RPM 30
UL_Registration E501753
Weight (Unboxed) 300
Width (Unboxed) 31.25
Length (Unboxed) 109
Height (Unboxed) 47
Voltage 120
Wire Gauge (AWG) 16