Anden Industrial Dehumidifier, 710 Pints/Day, 208-240v

SRP $11,067.47
5 Years

Product Details

The Anden DHA710V1 is indoor agriculture’s first ever variable speed dehumidifier designed from the ground up for indoor cultivation. Our dedicated team of refrigeration engineers have developed a patent pending variable speed technology that delivers unprecedented environmental control specifically designed for the challenges of indoor cultivation. By tightly and smoothly controlling environmental conditions, both yields and overall plant quality can be greatly enhanced-leading to higher profits for the cultivator.

The Anden 710 utilizes innovative patent pending variable speed technology (VLGR) to deliver high performance and efficiency throughout the grow cycle. The 710 removes more moisture across all grow conditions than any other dehumidifier on the market today. Designed from the ground up for indoor cultivation, the Anden 710 with VLGR technology allows operators to maximize moisture removal and the ability to achieve difficult VPD targets during late flower by modulating the refrigeration system to match the load. 

  • VLGR TECHNOLOGY delivers the smoothest environmental control and strongest VPD performance by utilizing a proprietary variable speed refrigeration system.
  • From a $/pint perspective, the Anden 710 with VLGR delivers the best return on investment when compared to competitive dehumidifiers.
  • VLGR technology allows the Anden 710 to maximize water removal while utilizing less amps. The 710 pulls 200 more pints per day on a 30 amp circuit than any other unit on the market.



Attribute name Attribute value
ETL_Registration YES
Rated Amperage 19.6
Rated BTU per hour 16168
Rated GPD 88.75
Rated GPH 3.7
Rated Wattage 4706
UL_Registration N/A
Weight (Unboxed) 360
Width (Unboxed) 44.88
Length (Unboxed) 31.71
Height (Unboxed) 34.41
Voltage 208-240
Barcodes 810038560021 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 31.7L x 44.9W x 34.4H (EA)
Shipping Weight 360 lbs.