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Best Value Vacs 5 Gallon Aluminum Vacuum Chamber with 10" Digital Heat Pad

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5 Gallon Aluminum Vacuum Chamber with 10" Digital Heat Pad

The BVV 5 Gallon Vacuum Chamber is a perfect option for small scale solvent degassing. This economical purging option is design, built, and testing in Naperville, Illinois. With BVV's unique patented design, this chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. This unit is paired with a digital heat pad that adheres to the bottom of the chamber. The heat pad allows precise, controlled heating of the chamber.

• Aluminum vessel
• Highly durable and reversible silicone gasket
• Clear, acrylic chamber lid
• Glycerin filled vacuum gauge
• Accurate heating within 1 degree

• Removes residual solvent to low ppm
• Even, efficient heating in chamber
• Holds full vacuum for 24 hour+

• 5 gallon aluminum vacuum chamber
• 10 inch digital heat pad
• 5ft HVAC hose
• 50 micron air filter
• Silicone vacuum pad

Technical Specs:
• Dimensions: 10” tall, 12” Wide
• Weight: 
• Vacuum Range: -30 – 0  inHg
• Ultimate Vacuum: <500 µmHg / mTorr / micron
• Voltage: 110V
• Power: 220W
• Operating Temperature Range: RT - 160°F
• Temperature Stability:  ±1.0°F


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