AXEON Carbon 1665 Water Filtration System, 110V

SRP $4,307.60
1 Year

Product Details

AXEON ® AC–Series Activated Carbon Water Filtration Systems use granulated micro-porous coconut shell carbon to reduce Chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, and unwanted odors & tastes. These systems are designed for reliability, minimal maintenance, comply with all industry standards and can efficiently treat municipal and well water sources.

  • Reduces Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Organics, Tastes and Smells
  • Metering Valve Reduces Waste-Water
  • Can Extend the Life of Other Equipment, Fixtures, and Appliances

  • Solid-State Microprocessor Control
  • Led Backlit Display Screen
  • Meter Monitors and Self-Adjusts Regeneration Cycles Based on Water Use Trends
  • Easily Programmed for Optimum Performance
  • Extended Lithium Battery 48-Hour Power Backup
  • Flexible “Adjustable Cycle Sequence” Programming — Saves Water
  • Day-Of-The-Week Controls
  • Regeneration Can Be Triggered Immediately
  • Advanced History and Diagnostic Screens
  • Integrate Pretreatment Lockout Contacts
  • Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Tank
  • Heavy-Duty Riser Pipe with Upper and Lower Screens
  • Coconut Granulated Activated Carbon
  • Service Alarms
  • Optional AC 220V Adapter – (P/N:212200)
  • Optional AC 220V Adapter for AC-43-3672-200 – (P/N:212199)
  • 15' Power Cord Included


Attribute name Attribute value
Rated Amperage 0.5
Rated GPD 16000
Rated GPH 667
Rated LPM 42.06
Rated Wattage 55
Weight (Unboxed) 230
Width (Unboxed) 65
Length (Unboxed) 65
Height (Unboxed) 74
Voltage 110
Dimensions 65.0L x 65.0W x 74.0H (EA)
45.0L x 45.0W x 81.0H (PL)
Shipping Weight 230 lbs.