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Age Old Humic, 1 gal

SKU: AO80100
The product is no longer available.

Product Details

Improves uptake and availability of micronutrients to the plant and conditions the soil, helping provide a friendly environment for soil microbes. Improves seed germination and root development.

  • Increases the movement and availability of compounded nutrients in soil
  • Increases beneficial microbial activity in soil for maximum nutrient uptake
  • Supports seed germination
  • Improves soil structure and tilth


Attribute name Attribute value
Discontinued 1
Dimensions 4.0L x 7.0W x 12.0H (EA)
9.3L x 15.0W x 13.0H (CS)
48.0L x 4.0W x 68.0H (PL)
Barcodes 06323279410108 (GTIN)
632327141014 (UPC-A)
Shipping Weight 9 lbs.