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Age Old AIO Bloom, 2.5 gal

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AIO Bloom 1-1.5-2

AIO Bloom is a comprehensive nutritional program containing every nutrient a plant needs for optimal flower formation. 100% plant based (no animal products) with mineral fortifications, and built on a foundation of amino acids and complex plant extracts. Nutrients are in low concentrations to allow for continuous feeding, maximizing yield in a variety of growing situations.


Attribute name Attribute value
NPK Nitrogen (N) 1
NPK Phosphorus (P) 1.5
NPK Potassium (K) 2
Discontinued 1
Dimensions 15.3L x 9.8W x 15.5H (CS)
48.0L x 40.0W x 52.0H (PL)
9.0L x 7.0W x 14.5H (EA)
Barcodes 06323279612540 (GTIN)
632327161258 (UPC-A)
Shipping Weight 23.8 lbs.