Hydrofarm Dual Outlet 7-Day Grounded Digital Programmable Timer, 1725W, 15A, 1 Minute On/Off


Using a timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. Timers are also essential for many hydroponic system applications. This model has two outlets. Not for use with digital ballasts.


  • 1 minute on/off
  • Up to 8 on/off cycles per day
  • Controls two outlets simultaneously
  • 15A/1725W
  • Includes convenient clamshell packaging
  • UL-listed


0.5 lbs.
7.5L x 5.3W x 4.3H
1 Year

My digital timer came with a dead battery/blank screen. Is this defective?

No. This timer uses rechargeable batteries. Plug the timer into a 120V power outlet for a few minutes. Then, using a pen, needle, or something similar, press the small round button on the lower right of the unit. If the screen still does not work, then the unit is defective.

My digital 7-day timer won't come on at my programmed time. Is it defective?

First, make sure it is in Auto mode (the screen says AUTO at the bottom). If that doesn't help, the timer might be in Random mode. Press the WEEK and HOUR buttons simultaneously to toggle Random mode on and off (you'll see a circle appear and disappear on the right side of the screen; when it's there, Random mode is on). Random mode isn't necessary for gardening applications.

I'm having trouble programming the digital 7-day timer TM01715(D). Is there an alternate set of instructions?

Step 1: Press PROG. Left side of screen should display 1 ON. Step 2: Press WEEK until the desired week schedule is displayed at top of screen. Step 3: Press HOUR and MIN to set the desired time you want the timer to turn the device on. Step 4: Press PROG. Left side of screen should display 1 OFF. Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the desired time you want the timer to turn the device off. Step 6: Repeat this process to program multiple times ON and OFF per day (up to 8) Step 7: Press ON/AUTO/OFF until the bottom of the screen says ON, then press one more time. Bottom of screen should display AUTO.