Autopilot Controllers


Hydrofarm's Autopilot line of environmental controllers puts you in control of your indoor growing environment. You'll be in power over temperature, light, CO2, or humidity when you implement Autopilot devices into your horticultural setup. Autopilot's collection of CO2 products include four- and eight-burner electronic ignition CO2 generators, which help plants grow bigger and faster. Track progress with the CO2 monitor and put your generator to work for you with the Fuzzy Logic CO2 controller. The Autopilot controller features a built-in microprocessor that performs CO2 injection calculations so your plants will never miss a dose.

Other Autopilot products include the controller collection, with 4- and 8-light high power options to run ballasts without changing power cords. Hydrofarm also offers Autopilot's Greenhouse Master Controller, which controls CO2 as well as devices for humidity, cooling, and heating, and the Digital Environmental Controller, with day/night temperature set points, 15' remote sensor, and PPM increments of 100.

Rounding out the Autopilot line is the Day/Night Cooling Thermostat, with easy-to-adjust knob settings, built-in photocell, and precise temperature sensor, and the Master Digital Timer, with hot start prevention, high temperature shut down, a recycling on/off range of 1 second to 96 hours, and compatibility with the high power light controllers.

  • Highly Efficient

    CO2 Generators

    When you want to accelerate plant growth, accelerate your CO2. Take command of carbon dioxide levels in your grow room with one of Autopilot’s CO2 generators, which include four- and eight-burner electronic ignition construction with essential safety measures such as tip-over prevention and fuel shutdown in the case of the unit falling.

    Highly Efficient


    Control your indoor grow room with high-powered HID lighting controllers. Four and eight light controllers provide up to 8,000 watts over 8 outlets, with an operating temperature range of 32 to 110 degrees. With these controllers, you can run ballasts without having to change out power cords.

    Highly Efficient


    Master time with the Autopilot Master Digital Timer or the Analog 24 Hour Recycling Timer. No high-tech programming skills necessary for running the Analog Timer, which can keep track of your grow room 24 hours a day through cyclic, periodic, or constant timing.