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Hydrofarm and Advanced Nutrients Form Strategic Alliance to Meet the Demands of Rapidly Growing Hydroponics Market

Petaluma, Calif. (February 1, 2021) – Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. (“Hydrofarm”) (Nasdaq: HYFM), a leading branded hydroponics company with a comprehensive distribution platform, announced it has expanded its portfolio of preferred brands through a new Canadian distribution alliance with Advanced Nutrients, the worldwide leader in hydroponics nutrients. Under the agreement, Eddi’s Wholesale, a Hydrofarm division and one of the largest wholesale garden suppliers in Canada, will distribute Advanced Nutrients’ award-winning line of products beginning this month. The new partnership will make science-backed, best-in-class nutrients more readily available to Canadian growers who are eager to unlock the true genetic potential of their crops — and introduce the highest-quality end products to their markets.

“Expanding our portfolio of preferred brands is a key component of our growth strategy as we look to increase our offerings and distribution footprint,” said Bill Toler, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Hydrofarm. “Advanced Nutrients has been instrumental in revolutionizing the hydroponics industry, setting a high standard for science and innovation to meet the evolving needs of growers. This new alliance is an excellent fit for Hydrofarm, enabling us to take advantage of Eddi’s extensive geographic presence and robust logistics platform and enhance our offerings in a key North American market.

“Since 1999, Advanced Nutrients has been spearheading the science and evolution of the hydroponic nutrients industry,” said Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, founder of Advanced Nutrients. “Today, demand for Advanced Nutrients continues to grow around the world as our team of top scientists lead the way in innovating next-generation products to support the consistent production of high-value crops. This exciting new alliance with Hydrofarm leverages Eddi’s vast sales and distribution network, paving the way for our outstanding nutrients to be widely available in Canada.”

With featured products including pH Perfect technology “Big Bud,” “Mother Earth” and “Overdrive,” Advanced Nutrients’ complete growing system includes plant-specific base nutrients, soil treatments, root zone additives, foliar sprays, preventives, inoculants, compost teas, bud boosters, and a range of specialty nutrients engineered for maximum potency, safety, and quality. Growers will also benefit from the proprietary technology that has made Advanced Nutrients the go-to hydroponics line in 107 countries — and counting.

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