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A Hydrofarm exclusive brand

The Agrobrite line offers high lumen output, energy-saving options for many growing environments. Agrobrite T5 systems feature aluminum specular interiors, powder-coated steel housing, fluorescent 6400K tubes, and multiple on-off switches on most models. You can hang Agrobrite lighting fixtures three different ways—overhead, vertical, or horizontal—which makes them versatile enough to fit nearly any indoor garden configuration.

Agrobrite has products for small-space growers too. For example, use the Agrobrite Desk Top Plant Lamp to add greenery all over the house or office. The lamp’s 27W daylight balanced bulb offers 5400K output, which, thanks to the lamp’s long, flexible neck, can be raised and lowered to meet the needs of your growing plant. The lamp’s base is wide and flat – perfect for supporting your potted plant in the ideal growing position.

Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite Floor Plant Light offers exceptional illumination and versatility! With a flexible neck and adjustable height (48" to 61") this lamp provides bright, natural light that will help plants thrive. Flicker-free fluorescent bulbs provide unmatched clarity and color rendering, making them not only ideal for plants but for reading as well.


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