Vegamatrix Big-N-Sticky, 1 gal

SKU: VX20020
SRP $120.99

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The Bloom Booster you've been waiting for has finally arrived!

Big-N-Sticky is the ultimate finisher to increase yield while producing the cleanest and best tasting harvests on the planet. Big-N-Sticky’s rigorously tested proprietary blend of ORGANIC compounds are combined with potassium phosphite. This creates a synergystic effect which keeps all beneficial compounds readily bioavailable.


Attribute name Attribute value
NPK Phosphorus (P) 14
NPK Potassium (K) 12
Barcodes 800265445659 (UPC-A)
758524890750 (UPC-A)
Discontinued 1
Dimensions 14.8L x 8.8W x 12.8H (CS)
7.0L x 10.5W x 12.5H (EA)
Shipping Weight 9.61 lbs.