Hortilux 240-R LED Grow Light System

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Product Details

The EYE HORTILUX LED 240-R Grow Light System is the culmination of years of research and engineering. The patent-pending spectrum was tested against seven other spectrums in a plant-growing operation. The LED 240-R was researched and designed based on plant-specific grow trials comparing eight different spectrums. These field tests were conducted to verify the most effective spectrum for the vegetative stage of plant growth. The EYE HORTILUX LED 240-R utilizes the spectrum that far outperformed all others.

With a total of 120 LED chips across six boards, plants will be exposed to a perfectly mixed spectrum of light for the vegetative stage. The spectrum is comprised of 410, 450, 660 and 730 nanometer chips along with 4,000K chips. This combination of intensity and spectral quality will increase the speed of vegetative growth.

Power Regulating Circuits ensure all the chips and boards are receiving the same voltage to produce a consistent intensity and maintain the spectral quality.
  • Patent-pending spectrum speeds up vegetative growth
  • Superior engineering ensures consistent intensity and spectral quality
  • Spectrum tightly stacks nodes
  • 120° optics for maximum coverage and color mixing


Attribute name Attribute value
Rated Amperage 2
Rated Wattage 240
Height (Unboxed) 5
Length (Unboxed) 18
Weight (Unboxed) 14.7
Width (Unboxed) 18
Voltage 120
Barcodes 639125910033 (UPC-A)
Discontinued 1
Dimensions 21.3L x 21.0W x 8.0H (EA)
UL_Registration Yes
Shipping Weight 21 lbs.