GROW!T Coco Coir, Loose, 1.5 cu ft

Hydrofarm Brand: GROW!T
Suggested Retail: (per EA) $47.95

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GROW!T Loose Coco Coir is a natural hydroponic medium without any additional substrates. This 100% coco coir is processed and manufactured under strict quality standards. GROW!T Loose Coco Coir is buffered, treated, and enriched with micronutrients. The strategic addition of calcium and magnesium actually displaces sodium and excess potassium, creating a safe and fast-draining material. Its low EC and stable pH make this coir such a supreme soilless medium that, based on our testing, we believe it is one of the best loose coco coir products on the market today.


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Alternate Keywords coco, coconut coir, coir, 50l, loose, growit, grow!t, GROWIT
Barcodes 638104011648 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 39.0L x 23.0W x 6.0H (EA)
48.0L x 40.0W x 92.0H (PL)
Bulb(s) Included No
CE_Registration No
FCC_Registration No
ROHS_Registration No
Weight (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Width (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Length (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Height (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Shipping Weight 24 lbs.

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