GreenBroz 215 Alchemist Extractor

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GreenBroz 215 Alchemist Extractor

The 215 Alchemist solventless trichome extractor from GreenBroz is engineered to help you maximize your harvest. It can process up to 2.5 lbs. of trim per cycle and generally yields 15%-25% of your trim's weight in kief that can be sold as is or turned into a variety of product SKUs.


Attribute name Attribute value
Frequency 60
Max. Decibels 85
Motor Type AC Induction
Rated Amperage 0.2
Rated Wattage 24
RPM 20
Weight (Unboxed) 56
Width (Unboxed) 23.75
Length (Unboxed) 24
Height (Unboxed) 26.5
Voltage 120
Wire Gauge (AWG) 16
Dimensions 27.0L x 28.0W x 33.0H (EA)
0.0L x 60.0W x 70.0H (PL)
Shipping Weight 70 lbs.