FoxFarm Big & Chunky Perlite, 4 cu ft

Hydrofarm Brand: FoxFarm
SKU: FX14044
Suggested Retail: (per EA) $99.95

Product Details

Use Big & Chunky® Perlite in containers with FoxFarm's Ocean Forest® or Happy Frog® Potting Soil to help improve drainage and keep roots oxygenated. Use it as a stand-alone hydroponic grow medium, or combine it with FoxFarm's Light Warrior® Seed Starter for your cuttings and seedlings.


Attribute name Attribute value
Barcodes 752289411045 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 19.8L x 10.9W x 17.5H (EA)
40.0L x 48.0W x 84.0H (PL)
Bulb(s) Included No
Weight (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Width (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Length (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Height (Unboxed) 0.0000000000000000
Shipping Weight 19.5 lbs.