Earth Juice Godsilica, 1 qt

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Earth Juice® GodSilica™ - A Liquid Silica and Potassium Supplement

Promotes resistance to climate stress such as heat, drought and cold. Helps plants resist mineral toxicities. Aids in photosynthesis. General use rates can vary from 1/8 tsp to 1 tsp per gallon. Will raise the pH of fertilizer solutions. To be used as part of a complete fertilizer program. Indoor/outdoor plants. Soil and hydroponics. 

Not derived from Sodium Silicate




Attribute name Attribute value
NPK Potassium (K) 3
Barcodes 10727644349028 (GTIN)
727644349028 (UPC-A)
Discontinued 1
Dimensions 13.8L x 10.3W x 10.0H (CS)
3.4L x 3.4W x 8.9H (EA)
Shipping Weight 2.4 lbs.