Dosatron Water Powered Doser 14GPM with Kalrez Seals for PAA, 1.25 to 11 mL per gal

Brand: Dosatron
Suggested Retail: (per EA) $1,692.09

Product Details

Dosatron Water Powered Nutrient Doser - D14MZ3000 - 14gpm - 1.25 to 11mL per gal. (1:3000 to 1:333) w/ Kalrez Seals (D14MZ3000VFBPIIK)

Inject nutrients, supplements/additives and pH adjusters into irrigation water with ease. No electricity needed. Dosatron is a passive precision fertilizer doser that accurately mixes from the pressure of your incoming water. w/ Kalrez Seals Model: DM14MZ3000


Attribute name Attribute value
Dimensions 8.0L x 28.0W x 7.0H (EA)
21.0L x 22.0W x 12.0H (CS)
Shipping Weight 9 lbs.