BioAg TM7™, 50 lb

Brand: BioAg
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Picture of BioAg TM7™, 100 gm
BioAg TM7™, 100 gm
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Picture of BioAg TM7™, 300 gm
BioAg TM7™, 300 gm
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Picture of BioAg TM7™, 1 kg
BioAg TM7™, 1 kg
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Picture of BioAg TM7™, 5 lb
BioAg TM7™, 5 lb
SKU: BA74050
SRP: $127.99

Product Details

TM-7™ contains the seven micronutrients critical for plant success, plus BioAg's premium concentrated humic powder for increased uptake. Use throughout the season to increase micronutrient uptake and as a quick remedy for deficiencies. BioAg highly encourages adding it to your compost tea recipe.   


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CADPR_Registration YES
Barcodes 810051910414 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 19.0L x 7.0W x 25.0H (EA)
48.0L x 40.0W x 53.0H (PL)

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