Aptus Finaleboost, 100 ml

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Finaleboost along with its sibling product Peakboost make up the Aptus flower development and bulking solution. Perhaps the most noticeable implementation of the Third Pillar of Aptus Philosophy: Mineral Antagonism, Finaleboost moves most of the potassium used during the bloom cycle solely into one product. With this formulation, Aptus has allowed for absolute control of heightened potassium application throughout the end ripening phases of a plant’s growth cycle.

The specific application of plant-available potassium allows for optimal health by removing the negative antagonistic effects of cheap bulk products containing high amounts of both potassium and phosphorous. With Aptus Finaleboost, you will see the difference in your final harvest by having optimal plant-available potassium with the elements usually antagonized away including nitrogen, calcium and magnesium. 

Directions for use:
• Start using during week 5 in flowering at the rate of 6 ml per 5 gallons increasing to 20 ml per 5 gallons in week 8 of flowering. During weeks 7 and 8, do not use Peakboost. 


Attribute name Attribute value
NPK Nitrogen (N) 3
NPK Potassium (K) 16
Barcodes 00030955475424 (GTIN)
030955475424 (UPC-A)
Dimensions 1.9L x 1.9W x 4.5H (EA)
5.7L x 8.1W x 5.7H (CS)
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