Sunburst 400W E-Ballast, 120V/HPS/MH


Big Growing Performance in a Small Package

10% More Lumens than Magnetic!

30% Lighter than Magnetic!

  • High intensity grow light with built-in digital ballast
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Automatically converts from Sodium to Halide
  • Energy efficient
  • Air-cooling options available
  • Low profile, light weight
  • Completely pre-wired
  • Includes instructions, hangers and lighting recommendations

To avoid lamp compatibility issues, do not use standard Metal Halide lamps with the SBE product line. Please use the following bulbs in place of standard Metal Halide. See the Files tab for the full list of MH choices.

-Sunpulse 250W - SPG23K

-Sunpulse 400W - SPG43K/SPG46.4K

-Eye Hortilux 250W Metal Ace Conversion - HX51788

-Eye Hortilux 400W Metal Ace Conversion - HX51830

-Venture Lighting 400W Halide Conversion - BUHL400CNE28

19.6 lbs.
22.5L x 14.8W x 9.3H
5 Year
Mogul (E39)

My bulb, ballast and reflector combination is not working. How can I fix this?

The problem might be a bad connection in the mogul socket. Make sure to disconnect the unit from the power supply, and then look inside the mogul socket for a metal tab. Pry this tab upwards a little bit to make better contact with the bulb base.