Super Large 8" Air Cooled Reflector


Our Super Large 8" Air Cooled Reflector gives you extra wide, bright light coverage for a great price. Includes integrated 8" duct flanges, sealing lens system and 15' lamp cord.

• Aerodynamic 5kv socket and cordset included
• 4-sided hammertone specular
• 15' lamp cord
• Full sealed lens
• Safety catch lens system for easy cleaning
• Works with all common ballasts

Product Dimension: 39⅜" x 31½" x 9¾"

Box Dimension: 40¾" x 34¼" x 11⅝"


42.0 lbs.
39.5L x 31.8W x 13.0H
1 Year

My lamp, ballast and reflector combination is not working. How can I fix this?

For traditional mogul type lamp systems: The problem might be a bad connection in the mogul socket. Make sure to disconnect the unit from the power supply, and then look inside the mogul socket for a metal tab. Pry this tab upwards a little bit to make better contact with the bulb base. For double-ended type lamp systems: Improper seating/installation of the DE lamp is by far the most common reason for malfunctions with DE systems. Disconnect the lamp cord from the ballast and unplug the ballast's power cord from the power source, then check whether the lamp is properly seated in the lamp holders. Turn your reflector upside down so that the lamp and lamp holders are facing upward. Try sliding the lamp holders to their open position (outward), repositioning the lamp and the lamp's wire ends/leads, and then re-securing the lamp by sliding the lamp holders closed again (inward, toward the lamp). The lamp's wire leads must be fully seated in their slots before sliding the socket ends closed. If uncertain about how the lamp holders work, please refer to the photos provided in the instructions (available under the Product Info tab). Wear gloves when handling the lamp to prevent fingerprints/skin oils from being left on it. If the lamp needs cleaning, use a soft dry cotton cloth to wipe off fingerprints or oils.