1000W MH eballast Blue/Gold Kit


EYE HORTILUX Gold Series e-Ballasts provide consistent, stable power to your grow lamps for high intensity and a quality spectrum. With the Gold Series electronic ballast, you are getting a product that was designed and manufactured by lighting experts who understand compatibility issues and how to correctly design for them.


  • 120/240V EYE HORTILUX GOLD Series electronic ballast
  • 120V cord (240V cord sold separately)
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Operates HORTILUX Super HPS, HORTILUX BLUE, HORTILUX e-Start Metal Halide, and double ended HPS lamps
  • Operate with a high frequency, sine wave
  • Have a long range igniter installed – Up to 70'
  • Feature soft start technology
  • Offer silent operation
  • Designed by experts in lamp-ballast compatibility


  • Generator-Ready
  • Flip box-ready
  • Completely sealed against dust and moisture
  • Capable of extending grow lamp life


  • UL Listed for fire and electrical safety
  • Lamp detection for safe operation (open and short circuit protection).
  • Cool operating temperature.


12.1 lbs.
0.0L x 0.0W x 0.0H

What is the difference between an electronic ballast and a magnetic core and coil?

Electronic ballasts, also known as "digital", utilize a internal microprocessor that converts a higher efficiency of energy to the bulb using less power from the ballast. The result is a higher quality bulb life, and increased output of light.

What is the difference between a BT56 and BT37 metal halide lamp?

BT56 and BT37 correlate to the size of the glass envelope surrounding the actual arc tube of the lamp. (Bulb size or diameter (maximum) is expressed as an eighth of an inch for one unit. For instance, a BT56 bulb is 56 eighths of an inch in diameter, or 7 inches in diameter.) BT56 lamps are larger than BT37 lamps and are commonly operated in a vertical orientation in parabolic style reflectors. BT56 style lamps will not fit inside many horizontal reflector designs.

Are my ballasts generator-ready?

All of the ballasts we sell are generator-ready. Generator-ready ballasts include: Xtrasun ballasts, Phantom ballasts, Phantom II ballasts, and Quantum ballasts.