Active Air Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer w/Hygrometer


Active Air's indoor-outdoor thermometer gives you more. Made of sturdy materials to stand up to the climate of your indoor grow room, this essential tool features a large display to read the current temperature and humidity levels. A remote probe allows you to sample two temperatures at once and record the high and low points for both temperature and humidity.

0.3 lbs.
8.8L x 3.8W x 0.7H
1 Year

What should the temperature and humidity levels be in my grow room?

Different plant species will favor conditions based on their indigenous regions of naturalization. For example, tropical plants will not thrive in cooler climates with low humidity. You can experiment to determine the best results, however in most cases you'll want to aim for approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit with the grow light(s) on and around 50 percent humidity.