FoxFarm Gringo Rasta Lickety Split Liquid Fertilizer, 1 qt


Gringo Rasta Lickety Split Liquid Plant Food

Vegetative Grow Power

For 18-Hour Light Cycle


Help your plants reach their growth potential in a New York minute. The fast acting nutrients in Gringo Rasta Lickety Split will give your plants the boost they need to reach new heights. Don't hold your babies back, Jack! We wanna take you higher! For best results, use all three Gringo Rasta Liquids as a 3-Part Feeding Program.

2.5 lbs.
3.2L x 3.2W x 8.9H

What should the temperature of the nutrient solution in my reservoir be?

Nutrient solution is best maintained between 65 and 70 degrees Farenheit for optimal conditions. Water chiller units (item#AACH) are available to maintain specific control if needed.

What does N-P-K stand for on my nutrient?

N-P-K is the abbreviated form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium within a nutrient formula. The numbers labled on a specific formula represent the percentage of that compound. Ex. 2-6-6 is 2 percent Nitrogen and 6 percent Phosphorus and Potassium.