EZ Clone Machine 30 Water Pump (Mag 750)


Replacement pump for the EZ Clone machine 30 (plant site). Pumps at the rate of 450 gallons/hour.

NOTE: After extensive testing by EZ Clone, it has been determined that this pump can be used as a replacement for the 30, 60, and 120 site EZ Clone systems.

2.9 lbs.
8.8L x 4.6W x 6.5H

How can I prevent the water in my EZ Clone from getting so hot?

Our first suggestion is to use Clear Rez in your EZ Clone. With this product, you can safely have water temperatures of 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water temperature is higher than 83 F, we suggest lifting the unit off of the ground with a pair of 2x4's. This will create some air circulation around the unit, a small fan can even be used if temperatures stay above 83 F.