Aprilaire Touchscreen Wi-Fi Automation IAQ Thermostat

Aprilaire systems provide precise and continuous control of indoor environmental conditions crucial to growth cycles.  Controls are capable of gathering temperature data from multiple points in the grow facility to create more precise temperature control and RH levels.

• Easy to use touch screen with all control options on the home screen.
• Temperature and humidity control to monitor and adjust temperature and humidity set points 24/7/365.  
• Remote sensors for the temperature and humidity provide accurate monitoring and control.  
• Intuitive Touch Screen for easy set-up, programing and monitoring.  
• Mobile App with Smart Wi-Fi Alerts provide effective and convenient monitoring of conditions anywhere, anytime.
3.1 lbs.
5.1L x 2.1W x 6.1H

Can I use a carbon filter and fan setup to also air-cool my grow lights?

This is not recommended due to the fact that grow room temperatures will rise if the carbon filter needs to turn off for instances such as CO2 enhancement. Use separate fans to air-cool grow lights and operate carbon filters.