Aprilaire Residential Steam Humidifier with Fan Pack


The Model 865 ductless steam humidifier includes a fan pack and is designed for stand alone applications. This ductless solution is ideal for vegetation rooms. Includes Model 65 digital manual control.

• High Capacity - One unit provides between 11.5 and 34.6 gallons per day of moisture to the air. 
• Internal Control Board - Manages the operation of the humidifier to provide full capacity at 11.5 or 16 amps. 
• Illuminates service light when canister needs to be replaced. 
• Display Panel - Illuminated LEDs show unit operation (fill, drain, steam) and diagnostics. 
• Back Flow Protection - Air gap in fill cap prevents pressure build up. 
• Operating Time Monitor - Accumulates actual humidifier run time to activate periodic drain and fill cycles and monitors the life of the of the canister. 
• Drain Water Tempering - Unit uses cold inlet water to temper canister drain water, protecting PVC piping and condensation pumps. 

41.0 lbs.
18.0L x 9.0W x 12.6H