Aprilaire Residential Steam Humidifier

The Model 800 steam humidifier is designed to work with forced air heating systems. This humidification solution is ideal for vegetation rooms. Unit capacity is adjustable from 23.3 gpd to 34.6 gpd based on supply voltage and max current draw. 

• High Capacity - One unit provides between 11.5 and 34.6 gallons per day of moisture to the air. 
• Internal Control Board - Manages the operation of the humidifier to provide full capacity at 11.5 or 16 amps. 
• Illuminates service light when canister needs to be replaced. 
• Display Panel - Illuminated LEDs show unit operation (fill, drain, steam) and diagnostics. 
• Back Flow Protection - Air gap in fill cap prevents pressure build up. 
• Operating Time Monitor - Accumulates actual humidifier run time to activate periodic drain and fill cycles and monitors the life of the of the canister.  
• Drain Water Tempering - Unit uses cold inlet water to temper canister drain water, protecting PVC piping and condensation pumps. 

28.0 lbs.
22.9L x 14.4W x 12.6H