Active Air 70 Pint Dehumidifier


Active Air Dehumidifiers

Improve the air quality in your grow room with this Active Air Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier. It features easy-to-read digital electronic controls, including auto-restart, auto-defrosting, check filter alert, and a 24-hour timer. In addition, this dehumidifier comes with two fan speed settings and low temperature operation. The slide-out filter compartment makes it easy to replace. You can also set the unit to run continuously by connecting a garden hose to the gravity drain connection. 

Active Air Dehumidifiers are designed to provide optimal humidity control in your growing environment. Choose from 45P, 70P & 95P models, all of which provide high performance, reliability, and precise digital control where you need it most.

  • Automatic restart allows unit to be used with humidity controllers
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • Built to last, heavy duty, durable humidity control
  • Built-in defrost system engages at 32°F, increasing efficiency by reducing defrost time
  • Casters or wheels for easy movement
  • LED display panel
  • Continuouse drain option accepts female garden hose thread connection
Note: Do Not store or transport unit on its side. Keep upright at all times. 

Temp Range: 41°F-95°F
Effective area: Up to 450 sq ft at 10' ceiling height or 4500 cu ft
H2O Removal*: Up to 70 pints/day 
Power: 720W/6.9A 
Supply Voltage: 120V/60 Hz 
Refrigerant: R410A 
Dimensions: 15.4"W x 11"D x 24.3"H

*Tested and Verified by AHAM - Testing standard of 24 hrs at 80°F, 60% RH 

45.1 lbs.
16.8L x 12.9W x 26.5H

Can I use a carbon filter and fan setup to also air-cool my grow lights?

This is not recommended due to the fact that grow room temperatures will rise if the carbon filter needs to turn off for instances such as CO2 enhancement. Use separate fans to air-cool grow lights and operate carbon filters.

Will the ACAN12 analog portable air conditioner work on an enivronmental controller?

Yes, this unit will function on an environmental controller or timer device. However, it is highly recommended that a 120V/15A power expansion device be used in conjunction to prevent the unit from tripping the circuit breaker.

If I purchase the Aura Systems Quick Connect model (ex. ACAU12QC), do I still need to have an HVAC technician install it to keep my 1 year warranty?

No. The Aura Systems Quick Connect model can be installed by the user without voiding the warranty. The non-quick-connect model must be installed by an HVAC technician for warranty coverage.

My Commercial Dehumidifier diplays "FULL" and isn't dehumidifying. How can I fix this?

First, empty the reservoir. If "FULL" is still displayed, make sure the reservoir tank is inserted fully. The float switch inside the tank must engage another switch inside the unit.

Can I setup my exhaust fan to blow into my carbon filter as opposed to having it pull through it?

You may do this, however it is important to pre-filter the air before pushing it into the filter. If you choose to setup your filter this way, remove the pre-filter from the outside of the carbon filter and fabricate it to fit before or after the fan. Thi

How large of a grow room will this air conditioner sufficiently cool?

This air conditioner unit is recommended for use in a room no larger than a 10'L x 10'W x 8'H with a maximum of (2) 1000W AIR-COOLED lighting systems.

What is the maximum temperature my flexible ducting can safely withstand?

Our flexible ducting has an operating temperature range of -4 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

What fan speed controller should I use?

We recommend using our C.A.P. (CAVSC-DNE) for precise temperature control and superior performance. This Variable Fan Speed Controller is designed to gradually increase or decrease the speed of centrifugal fans depending on the day or night temperature se

Why does my analog dehumidifier not seem to be working on the maximum setting?

The analog dehumidifier min-max dial directly corresponds to the amount of humidity in the room. Basically, if set closer to the MIN setting, the humidity in the room will be lower (maximum performance), and if set closer to MAX setting, the humidity in t

What fans can I use a fan speed controller with?

Speed controllers will work with brushless motors, such as the ones commonly used with inline centrifugal fans. Do not use speed controllers with cage blowers, booster fans, or oscillating fans.

Why is the black solenoid on my CO2 regulator getting hot?

This is normal, the maximum operating temperature of this unit is 80C/176F. Do not touch the solenoid while the unit is operating.