Radiant Reflectors


Indoor gardens can be temperamental - don't let them run hot and cold. Add Hydrofarm's Radiant reflector to your inside setup and take advantage of the coolest running design ever offered. Radiant offers you a choice between two air-cooled units (6” or 8” flanges) or our popular non-AC unit that keeps its cool with 3-way convection cooling.

You won't waste a single ray of essential light with Radiant reflectors. Under the hood you'll find premium German specular – 99.85% pure with 95% reflectivity. The Radiant's double-wall design allows you to place it closer to your plants and its tempered, foam-sealed hinged glass lens lets you quickly and easily access and change out your sodium (250, 400, 430, 600, 750, 1000) or halide (250, 400, 1000) bulbs.

Hydrofarm's Radiant reflectors are all CSA certified, and include lighting recommendations, hangars, a built-in socket, and 15” pre-wired lamp cord. Using the Radiant means more power for your flower.

  • Highly Efficient

    Built In Light Socket/Cordset

    The Radiant’s ready for action right out of the box. The socket and 15’ cordset are included. The world’s finest 99.85% German reflective specular aluminum helps the Radiant achieve 95% reflectivity.

    Highly Efficient

    Fully Gasketed & Sealed Lens

    The Radiant’s double-walled construction makes it completely airtight. Air can’t escape, which means the Radiant runs cooler, whether you’re using the air-cooled unit or the non-AC unit. Enjoy more light from the coolest-running design ever offered by Hydrofarm.

    Highly Efficient

    Focused Light Delivery

    You won’t waste a single lumen with the Radiant’s intensely focused light. Using the Radiant for your grow room means you’ll have the control to pinpoint your light where you need it most.