Jump Start

Jump Start

For a fast and simple way to get growing, jump in with Hydrofarm’s garden-friendly line of Jump Start products. Ideal for both the novice gardener and the long-term horticulturalist, Jump Start offers high-quality materials and easy-to-implement tools to make your indoor garden a success.

Shine the light on your cuttings, flowers, seedlings, and house plants with the Jump Start Grow Light System. The Grow Light System’s internal reflective finish shines more light on your plants and offers two times the efficiency and 20 percent higher lumen intensity than ordinary grow lights. The high output Grow Light bulb lets you position a full daylight T5 spectrum cool-running bulb closer to the plant.

Pair the Grow Light System with one of Jump Start’s heat mats. Adding a heat mat focuses warmth to your root area, 10-20 degrees over the ambient temperature, as well as lets you control heat required for certain crops. All Jump Start heat mats are heat-bonded and UL-listed. Daisy-chain up to four mats together to bring heavy-duty heat to hundreds of seedlings and cuttings.

Reap the benefits of greenhouse growing even in an apartment or climates that don’t allow year-round planting. Jump Start pellet greenhouses feature a reusable, waterproof tray plus a mini dome to keep the growing environment warm and humid. Your greenhouse keeps plantings in the optimal warmth and humidity.

  • Highly Efficient

    Seed Starting

    Make your own mini-greenhouse from one of Jump Start’s 12, 36, 72, or 81-cell trays. Place a seedling or cutting into the fast-expanding, earthy-friendly biodegradable media, and watch your garden grow!

    Highly Efficient

    Heat Mats

    Roll out the heat wherever it needs it most. Jump Start heat mats come in a large variety of sizes, to fit whole sets of plants to ones residing on a chilly windowsill. Easy to understand lighting, water, and planting information is printed directly on the mat.

    Highly Efficient

    Light Systems

    Your plants will never suffer from a rainy or low-light day again with a Jump Start light systems. Available in both two- and four-foot unit sizes, the Grow Light system - and accompanying high-output T5 bulb - maximizes germination success.