Choosing what kind of light and where to position it isn’t the end of the process when planning your indoor garden. You’ll want to focus that light, putting it to work for you and your plants, to get the most out of it. Install Hydrofarm’s Daystar Reflector, with the world’s finest reflective specular aluminum (99.85% pure with 95% reflectivity) and the brightest, most uniform, ultra-wide light delivery, and your plants will flourish. The Daystar shines without turning up the heat, featuring a cool-running, double-wall design and patented three-way convection air cooling.

The Daystar’s design engineers had growers of all levels in mind when they put together this super-efficient commercial-quality reflector. Its low profile design makes it ideal for lower clearance areas while its capacity for ultra-high performance means it can stand up to the highest output plans and goals. Whether you prefer to grow with sodium bulbs (the Daystar is compatible with 400, 430, 600, and 1000 watt options) or halides (400 and 1000 watts), you’ll benefit from a patented total double-wall design that runs up to 75 percent cooler than others on the market.

A proprietary, high-glass baked electro-coat paint and rugged pre-galvanized steel housing means the CSA-certified Daystar will continue to look sharp throughout the course of its 25-year reflective material warranty. Only ten pounds total, the compact Daystar is easy to hang. Instructions, hangers, and lighting recommendations are included; an easy slide-in lens option for the DAUN is available separately.

  • Highly Efficient

    Patented Double Wall Design

    Air runs between the Daystar’s tunnel-like interior and the outside, cooling the reflector and specular. This process exhausts convected heat from the surface of the reflector and the bulb.

    Highly Efficient

    Built In Light Socket/Cordset

    The Daystar’s ready for action right out of the box. The socket and 15’ cordset are included. The world’s finest 99.85% German reflective specular aluminum helps the Daystar achieve 95% reflectivity.

    Highly Efficient

    Bright, Uniform, Ultra-Wide Delivery

    The Daystar is a low-profile reflector, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on far-reaching light. Daystar coverage means closer air cooling and higher yields, plus closer-to-plant positioning, and super efficiency with both sodium and halide compatibility.