Active Aqua

Take an active stance on protecting and supporting your indoor garden with Hydrofarm’s inclusive line of Active Aqua products. You’ll find proven components for all your hydroponics needs, from trays to begin germination to chillers that keep your plants and the room they’re in the absolute perfect growing temperature.

Build a solid foundation from the ground up, starting with Active Aqua trays. The trays are built extra deep and from strong material that can support rockwool or stonewool slabs, Hugo blocks, and loose media components including perlite, peat, and starter cubes. Active Aqua trays fight the devastating effects of standing water and enhance plant drainage.

Boost growth with Active Aqua pumps, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. All Active Aqua pumps are high-pressure, oil-free, and environmentally safe, consuming low power as they work. Enjoy steady airflow output without the noise through the pump’s super-silent multi-level muffler. The Active Aqua pump’s electrical magnetic air compressor is housed in a high-quality aluminum alloy case.

Active Aqua chillers help you lower both the temperature and the noise level in your indoor garden. The chiller’s digital temperature memory system means it will remember your settings in case of a power-down.

Get air circulating in your hydroponics setup and distribute oxygen and nutrients evenly with Active Aqua air stones, which add oxygen through a micro-pore design and promote growth. Air stones alleviate back pressure on your pump, as well as extend the life of your nutrients, keeping roots healthy and thriving.

  • Highly Efficient

    Four Sizes

    Select 1/10 HP, ½ HP, ¼ HP, or 1 HP options, all with microcomputer control system, temperature memory system, built-in surge protection, and LCD display.

    Highly Efficient


    Active Aqua chillers help you keep your cool – water can be refrigerated to any degree above 39 degrees F in a short time. No Freon required.

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    Kits Available

    Get your gear up and running with our complete line of Active Aqua accessories. Fittings, clamps, and collars are available to fit all our models.

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    Submersible Water Pumps

    Active Aqua submersible pumps go where most pumps won’t – they are designed especially for hydroponics systems and comes in 7 options from 40 to 1,000 gallons per hour. Every submersible pump includes removable foam filters and an easily replaceable filter, plus impellers and a 10-foot heavy duty power cord.

    Highly Efficient

    Commercial Air Pumps

    Choose Active Aqua’s commercial air pumps when you need to run several waterfarms or air stones at the same time. These high-quality additions to your indoor garden are available with 6, 8, and 12 outlets.

    Highly Efficient

    Air Pumps

    Active Aqua air pumps put you in control, without a lot of fuss. Their super-silent operation is coupled with low power consumption to make an ideal addition to your garden setup. Opt for the 1, 2, 4, or 8 outlet version.

  • Highly Efficient

    Reverse Osmosis

    Feed your plants the purest water possible with Active Aqua’s reverse osmosis systems. Available in both two- and three-stage systems, Active Aqua reverse osmosis systems include heavy-duty carbon blocks and the best membranes on the market.

    Highly Efficient


    Keep your reverse osmosis and other filtration systems clean with Active Aqua filters. Use the carbon block folder to protect against chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds, and the polyblown sediment filter to take a stand against destructive, clogging small sediment pieces.

    Highly Efficient

    De-Chlorination System

    Combine the most powerful Active Aqua equipment in one kit with the de-chlorination system. Two-stage kit includes a 10” sediment filter, 10” carbon filter, filter wrench, feed adapter, and shut-off valve. Mounts to wall.

  • Highly Efficient

    Tray Stand

    Choose from three sizes (2’x4’, 4’x4’, and 8’x4’) stands for your propagation flood table. A quick-assembly construction from strong steel and attached light-hanging cross bar, as well as smooth casters, means you’ll be up and ready to support your plants in no time. Use stands for equal water distribution, even tray balance, and beneficial drainage.

    Highly Efficient


    You’ll be the envy of your friends when you use Active Aqua flood tables and reservoirs. Reinforce your planters and pots with Active Aqua trays. The 8” and 12” trays fit configurations such as three 12” pots, an 8” slab, 6” blocks of rockwool, or 10 7” pots. Trays include pre-formed drain holes and ready-to-punch drill points, as well as alternating rib pattern for the best drainage.

    Highly Efficient


    Complete your Active Aqua setup with a selection Active Aqua pots and containers. Active Aqua pots come in square, round, variations, with mesh, net, basket styles and horizontal models available. They are made of the highest quality plastic and are sure to fit any of your growing needs.

  • Highly Efficient

    Traditional Air Stones

    Add Active Aqua air stones to your indoor garden. Available in two shapes (round or thin) and five sizes (4", 8" and 4”, 6", 12" respectively), air stones are ideal for aerating an indoor growing system, delivering air that can’t get through on its own.

    Highly Efficient

    Flexible Air Stones

    Take the benefits of traditional Active Aqua air stones and bend them to your requirements with the flexible version. Flexible air stones bend into any shape needed, such as coils, and cause less back pressure, reducing damage to your system’s pump.

    Highly Efficient

    Cylindrical Air Stones

    Achieve more aeration with Active Aqua’s thick cylinder air stones, in 1.7", 2" and 4" sizes.