Download the Hydrofarm 2014/2015 Retail Catalog

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Complete Catalog

2014/2015 CatalogDownload the complete 2014/2015 catalog (compressed ZIP) (60 MB)

Catalog by Section

Cover (1 MB)
Introduction1 (2 MB)
Introduction2 (4.5 MB)
Reflectors (6.5 MB)
Ballasts (5 MB)
Fluorescents and LEDs (8.5 MB)
Bulbs (3 MB)
Lighting Accessories (7 MB)
Garden Accessories (5.5 MB)
Plant Care (5 MB)
Seed Starting (7 MB)
Growing Media (13.5 MB)
Nutrients and Additives A-G (11.5 MB)
Nutrients and Additives H-Z (10.5 MB)
Hydroponics (8 MB)
Pumps and Irrigation (6 MB)
Meters and Solutions (6.5 MB)
Pots and Containers (5 MB)
Water Filtration (2.5 MB)
Tents and Tarps (2 MB)
CO2 Systems (2 MB)
Environmental Controllers (4 MB)
Ventilation (6.5 MB)
Air Purification (3 MB)
Books and Videos (.5 MB)
Feed Charts (13 MB)
Index (1 MB)
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