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  • Photobio LEDs: How Quality Is Made

    At Hydrofarm, we leverage our 40+ years experience to bring you into the future. Our latest high-performance LED fixtures from Phantom Photobio are leading the way with its high-tech manufacturing process and high-integrity quality control measures. Maybe you already know that Photobio delivers consistently reliable, high-performance LED fixtures. Ever wonder how they get built? This video takes you through the manufacturing process and shows how we carefully ensure each fixtures performance and functionality. It’s how we deliver the most reliable LED fixture to you.
  • Photobio LED testing at Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. in Colorado.

    At Hydrofarm, we value third party testing on our high performance horticultural light fixtures. The performance of our Phantom Photobio LED fixture line has been verified and validated by the leader in independent testing, Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. (ITL). ITL is truly an independent test lab. It does not have ties to lighting manufacturers or specifying bodies. ITL has a reputation of producing test reports of the highest quality and accuracy. We think it’s important to give our customers independently confirmed performance data.